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Thailand Champions at 8 Months Old
 Th.Ch.Image's Mighty Boy at MewChi "Giant"

Sire: JKC.Ch.Southern Wave JP Rudiy
  Dam: Image's Sugar Baby
Color : Red & White
Owner : Mew Chihuahua


 14 Months

6 Months
4 Weeks






2  Weeks



1 Day





IMG_4322-1.jpg picture by olunlah
Sire :  JKC.Ch.Southern Wave JP Rudiy

dan-1.jpg picture by olunlah

Sire : JKC.Ch.Southern Wave JP Dan

THIMU.jpg picture by olunlah

Sire : JKC.Ch.Southern Wave JP Tymm Arther

Sire : Am.JKC.Ch.Will O' Wisp Li'L Moon Shad-O
Dam : JKC.Ch.Y.Bells JP Kasuri 
Dam : Fanny Of Tokugawa JP 
Sire : Am.Ch.Bliss Smooth Stuff Dartan
Dam : Natary Of Tokugawa JP
Dam :JKC.Ch.Y.Bells JP Yukikage A.S

Sire : JKC.Am.Ch.Bliss Hoosier Sue's Son


Sire : Am.Ch.Bliss Hoosier Boy Named Sue

Dam : Bliss Hoosier Royal Charmer
DamAbby Of Willow Eye JPSire : JKC.Ch.Byron Of Excellent Kawakuchi FCI
Dam : Dancer Of Green Garnet FCI 

DSC067291jpg.jpg picture by olunlah

Dam :  Image's Sugar Baby

chet_073.jpg picture by olunlah
Sire : Adjutant Of Power Stone T.L.K. "Pangya" 

Sire : Southern Wave JP Renard  

JACKAL.jpg picture by olunlah

Sire : JKC.Ch.Southern Wave JP Jackal

Dam : Angel  Wing Y.K.JP Lovely Ran 

Dam : Elizabeth Of Pet Crow Company FCI 

Sire : JKC.Ch.Bramver's JP Alashi
Dam : Dieta Holliday Of Green Garnet FCI

Dam : Image's Hot Spicy  "DaDa" 

chet_037-1.jpg picture by olunlah
Sire :
Fuji "Dodo"

img_4322.jpg picture by olunlah

Sire : JKC.Ch.Southern Wave JP Rudiy

Dam : Sallybee Of Hideko Matsuoka 
clio.jpg picture by olunlah
Dam : Clio Of Power Stone T.L.K. "Clio"

fc.jpg picture by olunlah

Sire : Atalus Of Happy Koala

Dam : Amami JP's Bel